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Terms and Conditions

Important Note :-

1. Cash transaction is not allowed.

2. Company is not responsible for any cash paid to Third party.

3. Minimum 3 Direct Personal Sales Compulsory For Payment (No Time Limit).

4. Payments Withdrawal Request on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 6 AM to 3 PM.

5. Payment will be Credited within 48 Hrs of Withdrawal Request.

6. Payments Released via NEFT / IMPS / PAYTM.

7. Only one Mobile Number / Email ID is allowed for one ID, Maximum 4 (Four) IDs only allowed for same Bank Number, and same PAN.

8. Name / Number / Email id / Bank Account Details and Data Base correction charges : Rs.50/-

9. Yearly Renewal Charges Apply For Every Package Upgrade (Automatically Deducted From their Earnings).

10. Spill Entry left to right top to bottom equally in every downline person in next level.

11. 20% will be saved in Upgrade Wallet for Next Prime Packages Upgradation.

12. As per Government Rules, TDS charges as 5% and 10% as Website Development will be applicable.

13. As per Government Rules, Without PAN Card 5% More will be Deducted.

14. Products Delivery charges - Rs.100/- (Minimum).

15. Upgrade is Necessary for Every member in their next three Levels to get eligible for Incentive.

16. The Prime Package amount (Upgrade) is Non Refundable and Non Transferable ones the company - Distributor/Retailer have entered their agreement for purchase of product offered and further if no referral sales is made by the distributor he shall not be eligible for any of the incentives.

17. The company reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions, products, schemes, business and policies, giving prior notice through our Website and it will be binding on all distributors and members of the company.